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Manage Comments on Your Blog

Most blogs allow blog visitors to post comments on one of the blog posts. These comments may be positive or negative in nature or unrelated. Regardless of the type of comment left by a visitor, the blogger can choose to treat these comments in different ways. The blogger can reply to these comments, block individual visitors from leaving comments in the future or use administrative features to delete comments or set the blog to require approval of comments before they are published on the blog.

This article will discuss in more detail each of these options for dealing with comments on a blog. Reply to comments on your blog, Bloggers who receive comments on their blog may want to respond to those comments. Most blogging programs allow bloggers to post comments on their own blog, allowing them to respond directly to comments. With this feature, a blogger can face a number of different situations, including negative comments, positive comments and questions.

Bloggers who receive negative comments on their blog can choose to respond to those comments directly with a refutation of negative comments. This allows the blogger to recognize criticism and defend his original post. Bloggers who receive positive feedback may also want to respond to these comments to thank visitors for the praise. Still other bloggers may receive comments that ask a question on the blog or the blogger himself.

Bloggers can choose to answer these questions to develop a better relationship with blog visitors. Blocking comments from individual visitors, Another option to deal with blog comments that are negative in nature is to block comments from individual blog visitors. In most cases, bloggers will have the opportunity to blog a particular user by leaving comments on the blog. The blogger may want to use this option in situations where the blog visitor’s comments are extremely nasty.

The blogger may also want to prohibit individual blog visitors from making comments if they have already tried to explain their point to the visitor, but the visitor continues to post negative comments. A blogger may also want to prohibit an individual blog visitor from making comments if they think the comments are left as spam.

Use of administrative functions, Another option to process comments on a blog is to use administrative features to delete comments or change settings to prevent comments from being displayed until the blogger approves them. Blog owners usually have the option to delete a comment left by a blog visitor. Deleting these comments is usually a fairly simple process.

However, this is not a completely effective method as other blog visitors may have the opportunity to read these comments before they are deleted. Therefore, deleting the comment may prevent some visitors from reading the comment, but will not guarantee that the comment is not seen by blog visitors. However, there is a way for bloggers to make sure that visitors do not read negative reviews.

Most types of blogging software have options that require the blogger to approve all comments before they become publicly available. This gives the blogger the ability to delete a comment before it is read by any of the blog visitors. The blogger can simply delete comments that he does not want others to read before they are published.